Beijing Sifang SK-3 Diffusion Pump Oil

Sifang Brand diffusion pump oil adopt paraffinic mineral oil fractions as raw material, after deep purification of its components, then excised molecular distillation fraction and degassed in a high-vacuum , precise temperature control can effectively guarantee the cut fractions, ensure the diffusion pump can quickly vaporize and condense during working, resulting in high-speed jet stream, greatly improved the pumping speed and vacuum degree of the diffusion pump.

 Sifang brand diffusion pump oil has a low ultimate pressure at work, high pumping speed and good oxidation resistance. Can be widely used in optics, electronics, vacuum metallurgy, vacuum coating and other aspects of the defense industry for metal diffusion pump and glass diffusion pump.

Technical Parameters:

Item Quality index Test method
Viscosity grade (According to GB3141) 46(No.1) 68(No.2) 100(No.3)
Kinematic viscosity (40℃).mm²/S 41.4
Average molecular weight Not more than 380 420 450 SH/T0220 AppendixB
Chroma.No. Not more than 0.5 1.0 2.0 GB/T6540
Pour point.℃ Not lower than -9 -9 -9 GB/T3535
Flash point (opening).℃ Not lower than 220 230 250 GB/T3536
Mechanical impurities.% No No No GB/T511  
Moisture content.% Not more than No No No GB/T260
neutralization value.mgKOH/g Not more than 0.01 0.01 0.01 GB/T4945
Ash content .% Not more than 0.005 0.005 0.005 GB/T508
Carbon Residue.% Not more than 0.02 0.03 0.05 GB/T268
corrosion test (coppr sheet.100℃.3h).grade Not more than 1 1 1 GB/T5096
Saturated vapor pressure(20℃).kPa Not more than 5.0
X 10-9
X 10-9
X 10-10
Ultimate pressure (Total pressure).kPa Not more than 7.0
X 10-8
X 10-8
X 10-8
Thermal stability  (150℃.24h) Report Report Report Appendix A