DalianNO.3 Seven Stars Diffusion Pump Oil

Dalian No.3 diffusion pump oil is a deep dewaxing lubricant, produce by vacuum molecular distillation, aluminum adsorption and film degassing processes,etc. This product has a low vapor pressure and a suitable chemical composition; with the ideal ultimate vacuum degree and fast pumping speed; also with the feature of very high thermal oxidation stability, can work for long time even in poor working condition.

No.3 diffusion pump oil can be used as a working fluid for various types of glass and metal diffusion pump, used in high vacuum distillation, vacuum metallurgy, electronics industry and the nuclear industry which has requirements to obtain a high vacuum environment systems.

No.3 diffusion pump oil pump can also be used as a working fluid for straight league vacuum pump.

Item No.3 diffusion pump oil
Quality index  

Typical data

Kinematic viscosity 50℃mm²/s 60.2-79.8 67.26
Pour point℃ not more than -10 -14
Flash point opening℃ not lower than 232 284
Mechanical impurities % no no
Moisture content % no no
Ash content % not more than 0.007 0.001
Acid value mgKOH/g not more than 0.01 0.006
Ultimate pressure Pa not more than 666.61×10-7 90*10-7
Saturated vapor pressure pa not more than 266.644×10-8 120*10-8
Carbon Residue % not more than 0.12 0.02
Copper corrosion level not more than 1 1
Color comparisons <0.5