HFV-KS 275 Diffusion Pump Oil


※ Extremely low saturated vapor pressure at room temperatures and limited vacuum reaches l x 10~5kpa.

※ Excellent thermal stability and high temperature resustance so that it has the ability to keep oxidization stability under 200 oC with       metal catalyst.

※ Good performance regarding pumping speed and reflux rate.

※ Better oxidation stability than that of the mineral oil if exposen to the air.

※ Radiation resistance and low inflammability.


※ Can be used as ultrahigh vacuum diffusion pump oil in electncal,metallurgical and instrument industries.

※ Used as carrier fluid for heat carrier or instrument.

※ Used as working fluid of diffusion pump with uitrahing requirements in the electronics. aeronautics and nuclear industry.

Typical data


Item/Grade HFV-KS274 HFV-KS275 Experimental Method
Kinematic viscosity(40oC),mm2/s 38~42 165~185 GB/T265
Refractive Index25℃ 1.550~1.560 1.5765~1.5787 GB/T614
Spcoifio Gravityd2525 1.060~1.070 1.090~1.100 GB/T1884
Flash point(open cup),℃ 210 243 GB/T3536
Saturation Vapor Pressure , kpa 25℃ 5.0×10-9 5.0×10-9 SH/T0293
Limiting vacuum,kpa 1.0×10-8 5.0×10-9 SH/T0294

Note: The data above values of typical samples only. Product properties should refer to actual measurement.

Package: 1L/Canteen、 124Canteen /Case