Silicon Monoxide (SiO) Sinter for evaporation coating

Silicon Monoxide (SiO) Sinter for evaporation coating


Silicon Monoxide can be used in anti-reflection coatings, interference filter jewelry coatings, decorating coatings, etc. SiO can also be used as protective layer coatings against corrosion and wear on the surface of lens, mirror.


SiO Material Properties

CAS Number Density (g/cm3) Evaporation


Refractive Index

at 550nm



Evaporation Source
10097-28-6 2.13 1700 1.8~1.9 0.4~9 B(Ta,Mo,W)
Applications Cold light coating; Decorative coating; Protective coating


Specification information

Type Shape Color Purity Package Storage
Sinter Blocky 1-40 mm

Upon Demand

Black 99.99% 1 KG/Bag Avoid exposure to sunlight &acid

Keep dry

Granule 1-3mm, 3-5mm
Cuboid piece 100×100×50mm
Tablet 28×10,18×10mm