ZHVAC ZDF-II-LED composite vacuum gauge for vacuum metallizing machine

Main technical parameter:

Control load: AC220V/1A (DC28V/5A) senseless load.

·Work power supply: AC220V±10%/50HZ
·Power: about 40W at the maximum.
·Ambient temperature: 0~45℃
·Relative humidity: <85%
·See Appendix for the dimension and weight of the instrument.
Size:240x88x280mm or 480x88x280mm
265x88x280mm or 480x88x280mm (W*H*D)7

The compound vacuum gauge performance Overview

The compound vacuum gauge uses special stabilization treatment and metallic wire with small heat capacity as the heating wire and thermocouple wire of the vacuum sensibility component so as to largely reduce the zero and full scale excursion.

  • It adopts special constant temperature operating mode to give wider measurement range and quicker response time to the resistance unit.
  • It adopts DC high pressure with high stability and performance and stable emission circuit to ensure stable operation of various ionization gauge parameters.
  • It adopts special vacuum ion current to sample and amplify circuit and to protect loop to ensure the transient voltage of the collector loop to attenuate so as to make vacuum degree measurement more stable and reliable.
  • It adopts imported micro processing, interface chip, stripping technique, optical-electrical isolation technique and digital filtering to ensure the vacuum gauge to have strong antiinterference capability.
  • It adopts optimized automatic switching technology to ensure vacuum gauge’s automatic range switching wave reliable and stable.
  • It adopts over-range automatic close-up ionization gauge filament technique to ensure the ionization gauge not to be damaged when the vacuum system is suddenly exposed to the atmosphere.
  • It adopts external control signal and RS232/RS485 signal to start up or shut off the newest function of the ionization gauge so as to realize the automation of the vacuum system.
  • It adopts universally practical 2U standard cabinet and PVC color film to make the vacuum gauge more popular and wonderful in appearance.

The compound vacuum gauge usage Instruction

  • The vacuum gauge is the compound vacuum gauge consisted of a thermocouple measurement and an ionization measurement.
  • This compound thermocouple vacuum gauge use for measure and control vacuum system coarse and coarse vacuum.
  • This compound ionization vacuum gauge use for measure and control vacuum system high and ultra- high vacuum.
  • The compound vacuum gauge could also close the ionization gauge through external control interface PLC so as to enable the vacuum system to close the ionization gauge before the degassing process and to avoid oxidation of the lighted ionization gauge filament in low vacuum,which is to elongate the useful time of gauge tube and set automatic starting up of the ionization gauge after the creation of vacuum.

Overview of gauge performance

The compound vacuum gauge adopts ZJ-51 thermocouple gauge and ZJ-2 hot cathode ionization gauge