Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) Sinter Tablet

ZnS Material Properties

CAS Number Density (g/cm3) Evaporation Temperature(℃) Refractive Index at 550nm Transparency Range(μm) Evaporation Source
1314-98-3 4.10 1100 2.3~2.4 0.35~14.5 E
Applications 1. ZnS Sinter: Holographic anti-counterfeiting film, Decoration coating

2. ZnS Crystal: Cold light coating; Filter; HR coating; Infrared coating


Specification information

Type Shape Color Purity Package Storage
Sinter Tablets 10×6 mm

20*15 mm

30×17 mm

White to light yellow 99.9%


1 KG/Bag Avoid exposure to sunlight &acid

Keep dry

Cuboid piece 80*45*30 mm
Granules 1-3 mm;3-5 mm
Crystal Granules 1-40 mm

Upon demand

Light yellow


Cutting piece 10×10×10 mm

25×25×12 mm