ZJ-27 KF25 high vacuum ionization vacuum sensor

ZJ-27 KF25 high vacuum ionization vacuum sensor

This type of regulation is a typical transistor structure, adopts precious metal oxide cathode, with the features of antioxidant, instantaneous atmospheric impact resistant, stable performance, long life, suitable for medium and high vacuum measurements, etc.

Main technical parameters:

  1. Measurement range:4~1×10-5Pa
  2. X-ray limit: <1×10-6Pa
  3. Regulate sensitivity: 0.15±15% Pa-1
  4. Operating parameters:

            Filament voltage 1.3V

            Filament current 2.5A

           Gate current (emission current) 0.1/1mA

  1. Joule (I2R) degassing

            Gate voltage   11V

            Gate current   3A

  1. Vacuum connections form and baking temperature:

           Φ15.5 ± 0.5 glass tube          80 ℃

          Φ15.5 ± 0.1 metal tube         80 ℃

           KF10 quick release flange        80 ℃

          KF25 quick release flange        80 ℃

          KF40 quick release flange        80 ℃

          CF16  ultra flange                    450 ℃

         CF25  ultra flange                    450 ℃

          CF35  ultra flange                    450 ℃